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Vicki’s self-portrait

Welcome! I’m a graphic designer and illustrator, working both independently and collaboratively. Specializing in graphic design elements, contemporary handcrafted characters, and illustrated goods my work celebrates a handmade style and explores my love of color, pattern, and textiles combined with a love for drawing and creation. Inspired by many things, including DIY culture, outsider art, cartoons and love the graphic appeal of simple elements.

I started HandmadeTop10 in order to share all the craft resources it took me and other experts years to learn about – in one place. This blog is full of Craft Projects, DIY Tutorials, Reviews, Patterns, Inspiring Interior design posts, freebies, printables and most importantly joining in with me on my mindful creative journey! I share free printables and projects galore with a side of inspiration, humor, and authenticity. I share simple solutions, fun ideas, and practical how-to’s for others to use in their own homes, hobbies, or small businesses.

If you’d like to chat about collaborating or commissioning a future project reach me at handmadetop10@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by.

Vicki B.


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