Guide on how to use heat press

Before doing anything you are going to want to wash your t-shirts in cold water and dry them on high heat. Once your shirts are all ready, next you want to create a design to place on the shirt. Be creative and come up with sublimation products that will entice others.

how to use a T-shirt heat press

As long as you have a decent heat press machine and follow directions carefully, you can be well on your way to creating your own t-shirts. Here are some tips on how to use a heat press machine for a to use a T shirt heat press1

It is vital you print with color ink to get the full effects. As soon as you have your design all ready, the next step of how to use a sublimation product machine is to use professional heat transfer paper to print the design on.

color ink design

In order to do this, you will need to do three things; you will need to set the temperature, pressure, and time for each t-shirt. As soon as you have this set, you will be ready to start making t-shirts. The next step is to set the press following the instruction for the particular type of material, transfer paper, and heat transfer press machine that you have.

printing process

By placing the Teflon sheet on top of the shirt you will avoid having the rubber in the machine stick to the shirt if your press requires it. Finally, lock the press and follow the timing instructions for each heat press machine. One of the last steps for how to use a t-shirt heat press is to place the image ink side down on the t-shirt while placing them on top of the Teflon pad inside of the press.

printing process

You can choose in our reviews the manual heat press 15×15, 12×15 inch – best suited to your needs.


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