Valentine’s Card with Embroidery

Valentine’s Day tends to be filled with hallmark cards, generic stuffed animals, and boxes of heart-shaped chocolates.  If you’re into celebrating this holiday, why not add a homemade touch to it? For your loved one, for your family.  And any other special day you’d like to make them, too.  I’m sure no one will mind. 🙂

True love is always an inspiration! Great artists, writers, and musicians at all times created their masterpieces in a state of love. You, too, can appreciate the power of love in creation and create an unusual Valentine’s card with embroidery for a loved one for Valentine’s Day!

00 StVcard HandMadeTop10


For work, you will need:

  1. Self-Healing Cutting Mat like this or this mat
  2. White Thick Card Stock Paper or thinner paper
  3. Straight Ruler or this one
  4. Craft knife or Craft Knife Hobby Knife Kit 40 Spare Knife Blades for Art
  5. Embroidery Floss, Mouline or Caydo Embroidery Floss 50 Skeins
  6. Clover Gold Eye Embroidery Needles
  7. Scissors For Office & Home
  8. Color Dual Tip Alcohol Based Art Markers or something like this


Measure the desired width of the future postcard and cut off the excess part, put it aside.

StVcard_cut off the excess part

02 StVcard HandMadeTop10

Fold the necessary part almost in half, but so that the smaller portion of the folded part formed the desired height of the postcard. Check the size of the postcard once again. And we cut off the excess on it.

03 StVcard HandMadeTop10

So, we have a blank card folded in half. Adjust it so that the sheet of the postcard is in a single layer.

Take the previously prepared template of dots to create a pattern of hearts. You can make it yourself from the dots

drawing dot heats on checkered paperor download the template (PDF file) that I have prepared and print out the embroidery pattern for beginners:

We attach the template to the card, having previously opened it so that it is in one layer. This is important because we will only be dealing with the front side of the card.

04 StVcard HandMadeTop10

After that take a thick needle and pierce the marked points of the template to pierce the card itself. Be careful that the template is not accidentally displaced during the piercing.

05 StVcard HandMadeTop10

Remove the template, and the result will be a pattern of pierced dots on the card.

06 StVcard HandMadeTop10

After that, insert the red thread into the needle. Keep in mind that the thread should be long enough so that one length is enough for the entire drawing and not to make additional knots. Embroider with a cross, starting from the bottom point.

07 StVcard HandMadeTop10

08 StVcard HandMadeTop10

09 StVcard HandMadeTop10

Moving from point to point, create a pattern of crosses.

10 StVcard HandMadeTop10

Be careful at the borders of the pattern. You can see in the photo how the pattern that you create with the embroidery thread should go.

11 StVcard HandMadeTop10

In the same way, we embroider the second heart.

12 StVcard HandMadeTop10

Also follow the pattern at the borders, checking with the attached photo. And follow the direction of the thread, creating similar crosses. The thread tension should not be too loose and don’t overstretch it too much.

13 StVcard HandMadeTop10

14 StVcard HandMadeTop10

15 StVcard HandMadeTop10

16 StVcard HandMadeTop10

When you’re done, you can sign the card with a felt-tip pen.
Choose a suitable color or the one you like, determine what you want to write.

17 StVcard HandMadeTop10

Mark where the line is going to be. If the lettering is big, think about how much space it will take. You can draw a line and the lettering with a pencil if you are not sure you will write evenly. Then erase the pencil with an eraser after you have written with a felt-tip pen.

18 StVcard HandMadeTop10

That is all! The card is ready!

19 StVcard HandMadeTop10

I hope you and your loved one like it! After all, this Valentine’s card with embroidery is made with your own hands and with love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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